Data ver.1.3.2 Update

Data ver.1.3.2 Update for the Nintendo Switch/Steam version was released on June 22th.

Data ver.1.3.2 Contents
・Bug fixes
・Bug fixes regarding card effects.
・Bug fixes regarding displays.
・Some other bug fixes.

*Update to the latest version is required to play online and to use DLCs.
**Please note that if the update occurs during an ongoing online fight, the fight may be forced to end.
***For information to update game software, please check Nintendo Switch™ and Steam🄬 support information.

【Details regarding the update】
The following includes a number of the issues that were fixed.
・In the specific situation after the ability of Witch of Frogs, Melissa was used, the issue where [D Skill: Normal Soul Charge] is not activated has been fixed.
・When selecting the option to Counter-Blast 1 from Prison to call units, an issue where the unit was called on the order zone instead has been fixed.
・The issue where the additional ability of “Obliging Monster, Secondel” does not trigger even though the trigger condition of “placing a grade 3 or greater card’ has been fulfilled has been fixed.

We thank you for your continued support for Cardfight!! Vanguard Dear Days.