Update Data Ver.1.3.1

Update Data Ver.1.3.1 for the Nintendo Switch/Steam version was released on May 25th(JST).

Update Data Ver.1.3.1 contents
・Ranking of G Decks
・Changes in Restricions
・Changes in managing interruptions during WORLD FIGHT
・Bug fixes
・Bug fixes regarding card effects.
・Bug fixes regarding displays.
・Some other bug fixes.

*It is necessary to update to the latest version to play online and to use DLCs.
**Please note that if the update occurs during an ongoing online fight, the fight may be forced to end.
***For information to update game software, please check Nintendo Switch™ and Steam🄬 support information.

【Details regarding the update】
・Changes in Restricion
Removal of restriction of Dark Strain Dragon (D-BT01)
Removal of Choice Restriction of Sylvan Horned Beast Emperor, Magnolia Elder and Blue Artillery Dragon, Inlet Pulse Dragon

・Changes in managing interruptions during WORLD FIGHT
From ver. 1.3.1 onwards, the side that lost the internet connection or pulls from the fight has been changed to get a loss in said situation.
It has become easier on play online after fixing the connection issues in WORLD FIGHT.

The following includes a number of the issues that were fixed.
・The error where the on retire ability of Stealth Beast, Silent Crow did not activate has been fixed.
・Error regarding effects of other cards has been fixed.

We thank you for your continued support for Cardfight!! Vanguard Dear Days.