Update data ver.1.2.1

Update data ver.1.2.1 for the Nintendo Switch/Steam version was released on April 10.

About update data ver.1.2.1
・Bug fixes
・Bug fixes regarding card effects.
・Bug fixes regarding displays.
・Some other bug fixes.

*It is necessary to update to the latest version to play online and to use DLCs.
**Please note that if the update occurs during an ongoing online fight, the fight may be forced to end.
***For information to update game software, please check Nintendo Switch™ and Steam🄬 support information.

【Details regarding the update】
The following includes a number of the issues that were fixed.

・Error of selection screen not appearing when using Alchemagic with D-BT06/105EN「Sweets That Become an Evil Dream」 from the drop has been fixed.
・Error of the 『When your other rear-guard is put into your soul by your vanguard’s ability』 effect of D-BT04/005EN「Desire Devil, Bubetsuu」 being triggered even when the condition isn’t fulfilled has been fixed.
・Error of the ability of D-LBT03/016EN 「Approaching Summer, Aaltje」 not being triggered when returned to hand with other rear-guards has been fixed.
・Error regarding effects of other cards has been fixed.

We thank you for your continued support for Cardfight!! Vanguard Dear Days.