Nintendo Switch Update data ver.1.1.3

Update data ver.1.1.3
Update data ver.1.1.3 for the Nintendo Switch version was released on February 22th.

About update data ver.1.1.3
・Bug fixes
Bug fixes regarding card effects.
Bug fixes regarding displays.
Some other bug fixes.

*It is necessary to update to the latest version to play online and to use DLCs.
**Please note that if the update occurs during an ongoing online fight, the fight may be forced to end.
***For information to update game software, please check Nintendo Switch support information.

【Details regarding the update】
The following includes a number of the issues that were fixed.

・The continuous ability of D-BT06/014EN and D-BT06/FFR14EN “Performing Petal, Diantha” was fixed to include “in your back row” which was missing in the conditions.

・A bug was fixed where after playing D-BT06/105EN “Sweets That Become an Evil Dream” by Alchemagic and looking at the top card of the deck, the options to put that card on top of the deck or discard it do not appear, and the card is put on top of the deck.

・A bug was fixed where the automatic ability of D-PR/185EN “Knight of Soaring Blade, Ffernbael” does not activate.

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